[SOLVED] Ozone, ThreadX, Trace, and the call stack

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  • [SOLVED] Ozone, ThreadX, Trace, and the call stack

    I am using Ozone + J-Trace Pro on a target that is running ThreadX, and I am seeing some pretty crazy results on the Timeline view. Unfortunately, the only environment I know of with a ThreadX awareness plugin is IAR, which this project is not set up for. Image 1 shows what I am seeing at some places; note the deep stacking of the same function (a while loop waiting on a queue).

    Is it expected that the stack unwinding for Timeline view will not be able to decipher the context switches?

    Of course, it is possible that I am actually catching a major error of my own here ...
    Images 2 and 3 show what a return look like in a case where the Timeline believes that it has returned to a function stacked upon itself, and the corresponding instruction trace.
    • Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 3.50.17 PM.png

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  • Hi,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    ThreadX task awareness is not natively supported by Ozone. Ozone does not know when tasks end so they simply get stacked on top of each other.
    More information about OS awareness can be found here: segger.com/products/developmen…echnology/rtos-awareness/

    Best regards,
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