stemwin 5.32 : Delete Item in swipelist crashes

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    • stemwin 5.32 : Delete Item in swipelist crashes

      Hello !

      I have two windows with swipe liste in it.
      The first windows shows the user's group, when selecting a group the user shows up.
      I don't delete windows when changing groupe, I update the list item by add/deleting some items and refreshing names and user data.
      In the user's swipe liste, I add a separator item to show the current group.

      When I delete item that empties my list, all item disappear event the separator. System don't crash at that point.
      Then I try to display other list but is it also empy, doing it more lead to system crash.

      I tried putting the list update in the callback dialog, in the main loop .... without success.

      Is there any problem with this function ?
      Also, there are problems with the SWIPELIST_SetScrollPosItem() function when I change the swiplist content, using debugger shows that this function enter in a infinite loop.
    • Hello !

      Actually I shall do that, I expected someone experienced these troubles. ;)
      I'm using STMCube 1.15 that ships eminw 5.32

      Searching the web I found the release notes in the emwin shipped with keil package :

      See what is saying Version 5.34f :
      "SWIPELIST widget:
      • Under certain circumstances deleting of single items does not work. Problem solved.
      Friday I'll try to jump to STMCube 1.19, if the emwin release is still 5.32 I'll make a unit test.
      By the way, isn't there a method to completly clear the list ?