The connected J-Link does not support RTT for the selected device TMS570LS3137

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  • The connected J-Link does not support RTT for the selected device TMS570LS3137

    Hi support.

    I'm currently trying to use SystemView and RTT with the TMS570LS3137 but some problems appeared.

    So far I've downloaded and added the source code for RTT and SystemView into my project and compiled it successfully, I know it is kind of working because I can start a debug session and determine (for example) the exact address of the RTT Control Block.

    Then, if I use a telnet client in port "localhost:19021" with putty, I can stablish a connection but no output is printed in console. If I use SystemView, after configuring the "Start recording" settings and clicking "Ok" I get the error "Cannot find RTT Control Block".

    Reading in previous posts Thread 12320 and Thread 2978 I learned that it could be due to the background memory access not being enabled on the micro, but that I could solve the problem by shifting the AHB-AP on using the command:
    exec CORESIGHT_SetIndexAHBAPToUse 0.

    After executing that command string on J-Link Commander, I try to connect via putty again, this time I'll get the following message:
    "The Connected J-Link (S/N: XXXX) does not support RTT for the selected device (TMS570LS3137)".
    Same thing happens when trying to connect using SystemView.

    I was wondering why is this happening and how could be solved. From the SEGGER documentation, RTT and SystemView should work in cortex-A and cortex-R if they have an AHB-AP. Reading the datasheet and reference manual of TMS570LS3137 it does have such AP... Is the documentation incomplete, or is there something else I'm missing?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Hello Joel,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    We received your request per e-mail as well.
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    Your J-Link is out of support period so the forum post was the correct way for contacting.
    We will make an exception this time and answer you per e-mail.

    This thread will be closed now.

    Best regards,
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