GRAPH SetPenSize Problem

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    • GRAPH SetPenSize Problem


      I created a GRAPH with GUIBuilder and use it.
      GRAPH work fine and show attach Data.
      but when i use GRAPH_DATA_XY_SetPenSize() to change pen size the size off pen not change.

      WM_HWIN MainTask(void) {
      WM_HWIN hWin;
      WM_HWIN hItem;
      GRAPH_DATA_Handle hData1;

      hWin = GUI_CreateDialogBox(_aDialogCreate, GUI_COUNTOF(_aDialogCreate), _cbDialog, WM_HBKWIN, 0, 0);

      hGraph = WM_GetDialogItem(hWin, ID_GRAPH_0);

      hData1 = GRAPH_DATA_YT_Create(GUI_BLUE, 500, 0, 0);
      GRAPH_DATA_XY_SetLineStyle( hData1, GUI_LS_SOLID);
      GRAPH_DATA_XY_SetPenSize(hData1, 5);
      GRAPH_AttachData(hGraph, hData1);

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    • Hi,

      The function GRAPH_XY_SetPenSize() is only for setting the pensize of a XY-graph. You have created a YT-graph and can't use the XY related functions.
      Unfortunately, there is no way to adapt the pensize for a YT-graph.

      In this case you could try to set a user draw function with GRAPH_SetUserDraw() or create your own graph with function the GUI_DrawGraph().