[SOLVED] Copy Build Build Configuration

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  • Hello,

    This question has been aswered via e-mail.
    So this thread will be closed now.

    Here is an excerpt from the answer:

    To use several different configurations you can do the following:
    - Go to Build -> Build Configurations...
    - There you see private and public configs
    - Use private configs to store all generic settings that the other build configs have in common, these can then be inherited by the public configs
    - Then create as many new public configs as you need with the + icon
    - Use the project settings window to set the individual settings for the public configs
    - For easier copy paste editing you can also edit the .emProject file where this configs are stored, to do so simply press the <> symbol in the project explorer.

    Make sure to save the .emProject file after editing and be very careful with the formatting, otherwise the project might not load anymore if a bracket has been forgotten or similar.
    So before editing it we suggest creating a backup file.
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