[ABANDONED] Unknown Context Task 0x0

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  • [ABANDONED] Unknown Context Task 0x0

    Hi I'm new here and just getting started in the RTOS world with tracing tools. I managed to compile free rtos 10 with system viewer with minor changes.

    Before I buy j-link I want to play around with the systemview.

    I saved the memory content from kiel and converted hex to bin for import into systemview.

    The application has two tasks with equal priority. One turns on an LED and another turns off the LED. The cpu alternates between these two tasks.

    On the left pane I see a task 0x0. I'm not sure what happened here. Config and start are the first calls in main.

    Also is systick and the schedular to be seen as well? I'm using a tiva c launchpad cortex m4.


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  • I purchased the debugger.

    I got rid of task zero by putting the start call in my task 1 as the first thing being called.

    For some reason I can't see the systick and the scheduler details. I am now with rtos 9 and the patch was applied. Not sure what happened. I did before see the scheduler when I was with RTOS 10. I must have messed something up.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Looks like the patch did not apply correctly. Keep in mind that the patch has been written as a reference for the GCC Cortex-M4 compiler. Should you be using another compiler in your project the patch needs to be adjusted accordingly.

    Best regards,
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  • I took an rtos example from ti that uses keil and copied the rtos v8 files to try and applied the patch to it for my test application and it now somewhat works.

    I just don't see the frequency of the systick. Says 0hz when it really isn't. Getting closer.


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