How To Drive Sitronix ST7789V Display Controller With emWin - PARALLEL 16 BIT INTERFACE

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  • How To Drive Sitronix ST7789V Display Controller With emWin - PARALLEL 16 BIT INTERFACE


    I am new to emWin. I want to run Sitronix ST7789V display controller with emWin. I will use 16bit parallel interface. I use microcontroller named STM32F091. I need help.
    How do I set up DB0-DB15 parallel pins?Should I set up as normal GPIO?
    How should I write for the LCD_X_Config () function?
    How should I write GUI_PORT_API functions?
    Can you provide me with comprehensive driver software for the parallel drive or can you help me how to drive the st7789V with the parallel interface for emWin?
    I think I need to use the GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR display driver.
    How should I start to write the driver?

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  • I suggest to handle this problem independently from each other.
    First of all create a framebuffer in an external memory and configure your external memory controller in the STM chip. Write some memory test routines to test if memory is interfaced correctly. Then use a memcpy cmd to fill the entire memory with a color (not black). Afterwards configure the display controller to interface your display until the display shows the color you expect. The display datasheet should contain all the parameters required. If the entire display area shows your color start to write a line pattern to your frame buffer and test if the line pattern is viewn on the screen as expected.
    If these test run successfully you can start to integrate emWin. The framework does simple modify the content of your framebuffer like the things you did previously with the memcpy cmds.

    Note that STM provides samples to interface the LCD periperhal.