GRAPH widget scrollbar issue

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  • GRAPH widget scrollbar issue


    I have an issue with the GRAPH widget. I want the graphs to be drawn from left to right like an oscilloscope. I can achieve this behavior by using the two functions

    C Source Code

    1. GRAPH_DATA_YT_SetAlign(_ahData[i], GRAPH_ALIGN_LEFT);

    C Source Code

    1. GRAPH_DATA_YT_MirrorX (_ahData[i], 1);
    My virtual screen size is twice the visible screen size and the automatic horizontal scrollbar is displayed.

    And here comes the problem:
    The widget behaves correct until I stop the drawing of the graphs by selecting the "stop" checkbox and change the scrollbar position. Then the graphs will be mirrored. (see the attached images)

    For the test I used the example "WIDGET_GraphYT.c" where I changed the code so that the "MirrorX" checkbox is selected by default. Is this a bug?

    Further on I want the graph widget to auto-increment the scrollbar if the graphs reach the right border (physical size). The Scrollbar should be incremented, until the virtual screen size is reached. Is there a way to achieve this behavior?

    Hope you can help me.

    Regards Thomas
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