[SOLVED] Flasher portable plus NOT storing multiple image files

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  • [SOLVED] Flasher portable plus NOT storing multiple image files

    Hi everyone!
    I have just recently got a Flasher portable plus and programming and nRF 51822 AC with it. So I have been using J Flash software v6.22d. I had opened the .hex file by File->Open Data File
    and it opens correctly. I connected my Flasher Portable Plus into the PC and selected File->Download Config and Data File to flasher. It downloads the "Flasher.cfg" and "Flasher.dat" file into the Flasher Portable Plus "Image 1" slot. And I also programmed my board using "PROG" button on the flasher and it works fine. :)

    But I want to load more than one .cfg and .dat file into the Flasher Portable Plus into different image slot so that I can program the boards easily by just selecting the image using "SEL" on the flasher. But when i open another .hex file and select File->Download Config and Data File to flasher . It seems that it overwrites the old Flasher.cfg and Flasher.dat file into the same Image slot without saving it to the other image slot like "Image 2". Basically so its like i can only store one image at a time in the flasher portable plus which is quiet inconvenient.

    I know this is a newbie question but help will be highly appreciated, since i am new to this platform.


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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    The setup for multiple files with the Flasher Protable is described int he Flasher user manual (UM08022_Flasher) which can be found in your J-Link install folder under Doc/Manuals
    There in Section 2.9 "Multiple file support" you will find information and a example on how to save multiple files onto the Flasher Portable Plus.

    Best regards,
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