[SOLVED] files corrupted in Nand flash

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  • [SOLVED] files corrupted in Nand flash


    I have a problem of corrupted file in Nand flash: If I upload a file and read the file uploaded no problem but if I reboot my device and read the file uploaded previously the file is not the same.
    Why this?

    When I mounted this flash "TC58NVG1S3ETA00" the problem occurs rarely

    • Organization
    Memory cell array 2112 × 128K × 8
    Register 2112 × 8
    Page size 2112 bytes
    Block size (128K + 4K) bytes

    but now with this new one "TC58NVG1S3HTA00" the problem occurs sistematically:

    Memory cell array 2176 x 128K x 8
    Register 2176 x 8
    Page size 2176 bytes
    Block size (128K + 8K) bytes
  • Hello,

    There are many reasons why the file system gets corrupted.
    The typical reason for the corruption of the file system stored
    on a NAND flash is the occurrence of uncorrectable bit errors.
    Bit errors can occur during the normal operation of the NAND flash
    and ECC has to be employed to correct them. If more bit errors occur
    than the ECC is able to correct the data gets corrupted.

    The datasheet of the NAND flash documents how many bit errors
    the ECC have to be able to correct in a specified data block.
    These are ECC requirements for the NAND flash devices you are using:
    "TC58NVG1S3ETA00" -> 1 bit / 512 bytes
    "TC58NVG1S3HTA00" -> 8 bits / 512 bytes

    The NAND driver has to be configured with the correct bit error correction
    capability to ensure the correct operation.
    Would it be possible to post your emFile configuration to have a look at it?
    Thank you.

    Best regards,
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