[ABANDONED] How to dump float/int values from the memory?

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  • [ABANDONED] How to dump float/int values from the memory?

    Hi, I'm Matthew. I tried to search this memory dumping feature on the web, but I couldn't find it.

    I use 64-bit SES 3.30 on a 64-bit Windows 10 machine.

    C Source Code

    1. #define NUMBER_OF_SAMPLES 1024
    2. typedef struct my_struct
    3. {
    4. float roll;
    5. float pitch;
    6. float yaw;
    7. float ax;
    8. float ay;
    9. float az;
    10. }my_struct_t;
    11. typedef union my_union
    12. {
    13. float raw_buffer[NUMBER_OF_SAMPLES][6];
    14. my_struct_t samples[NUMBER_OF_SAMPLES];
    15. }my_union_t;
    16. my_union_t m_buffer; // global variable
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    I have a big array. I tried to drag all the HEX values from the memory view. However, calculating these back to 32-bit float values was quite a pain.

    Is there a convenient feature from SES that can dump the memory (from address to end address) as a specific data type (float, double, int, etc)?

    -Regards, Matthew
    -Best Regards, Matthew

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  • Hi,

    The memory content can only be exported as text or binary data.
    You can add the floats that you want to export to the Watches and then copy that to the clipboard/a file with the rightmost buttons on the watch window.
    For plain export of just the float values you will need to convert the watches content or the memory dump externally.

  • Oh, I see what you mean. Is it possible to set a memory range to copy the memory area?

    Since I have a big array (32-bit float x 1024), selecting that region with a mouse is quite painful.

    I was hoping something similar to Keil's Save command (save filename address1 address2).

    This similar feature is not currently supported in ES, isn't it? Hope a similar feature to be added someday.

    Or should I use other tools like J-Mem or Ozone?

    -Regards, Matthew
    -Best Regards, Matthew