[SOLVED] MIPI ETM connector for J-Trace Cortex Pro

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  • [SOLVED] MIPI ETM connector for J-Trace Cortex Pro


    I'm the lucky owner of a J-Trace Cortex Pro, and I would like to connect to a board which has a Cortex-R5F MCU.
    As the board ( ti.com/tool/TMDX570LC43HDK ) is a Texas Instrument product, the trace interface is a MIPI ETM interface (60 pins connector).

    Do you know if there is any adapter/ribbon out there which would provide the possibility to connect the J-Trace's trace interface to the board to be able to perform trace analysis?
    I found a JTAG adapter for this interface ( spectrumdigital.com/14-pin-20p…i-60-jtag-header-adapter/ ) but I guess the trace-related pins are not available.

    Thank you very much for your support,

  • Hi Guillaume,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Currently we do not offer MIPI 60 pin to 19 pin cortex adapters but we will discuss internally if such a product will be added to our portfolio next year.
    The adapter you linked seems to forward only JTAG signals (but hard to tell without schematics).
    We suggest contacting TI about if they know about a retailer that offers such adapters currently.
    From the Hercules Dev Kit user guide there seems to be mixed information about the MIPI header.
    In table 2.4 they say all trace related pins ar NC and in table 2.5 they say they are connected. So I don't even know if trace is connected to this header or not.

    There are two mictor pads on that board which we have an adapter for but according to the schematics none of the ETM trace signals are connected to them.

    As the target device has a maximum trace clock of only 55 MHz you could try a "flying wire" setup with jumper wires for example.

    Best regards,
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  • Hi Nino,

    Thanks a lot for your quick answer. I will get in touch with TI, and give a feedback on this thread, as it might be helpful for someone else I guess.
    In the mean time, I will try the quick and dirty solution with flying wires as you suggested.

    Best regards,