[SOLVED] any difference to "free" vs licensed SES?

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  • Hi,

    The technical features of Embedded Studio are all the same for free and commercial licenses.
    You download the exact same setup in both cases. There are no technical limitations with the free licenses.

    The major point is: Without a paid license you may not use Embedded Studio for commercial development.

    We encourage hobbyists and students to start development of embedded systems.
    To start with Embedded Studio is therefore kept simple. You can directly download and install it without registration.
    We do not want to spoil the educational use of Embedded Studio with some arbitrary limits, such as 30 days trial or 32k size limit. Embedded Studio can fully be used for non-commercial and educational purposes.

    When you want to use Embedded Studio for commercial development, i.e. get paid or earn any money with what you develop, you need to get a commercial license.
    Once the license is activated, you can use any Embedded Studio released within your support and upgrade period (typically 1 year) for as long as you want to (even after that year).
    When a commercial license is found you do not get the license pop up anymore. Additionally with a paid license you may get support via e-mail instead of through this forum only.

  • Thank you for the details.

    The Segger's Embedded C library, which is only provided as binary, are there limitations on it's use? Are there any license restrictions on it's use, if a commercial license of SES purchased?
    Any additional/hidden costs?
    Does SES also come with optimized C++ library for embedded?

    Does the C/C++ library come in two builds - one for debug (non-optimized, with full debug info), one for release (fully optimized) ?
  • Hi,

    There are no limitations other than the general ones for Embedded Studio. That is you may not use the Embedded Studio library for commercial use without purchase of a commercial license.

    Embedded Studio also includes a C++ library built for embedded systems, currently based on STLPort.

    The libraries are not available with full debug info but as optimized object code only.

    There are no hidden costs, such as royalties or software rental fees.
    Embedded Studio licenses are perpetual. You purchase it once and can use any update released within one year for as long as you want to.
    After that your you can purchase a support and update renewal to get the latest updates, or you stick with your last version and use that one for the next years.

  • Hi Johannes,

    Thank you for the info
    Could you clarify a few more things.
    currently based on STLPort.
    Does 'based' mean you have adopted/modified/improved that library? Just to understand, as their website says its free product, and you can download the sources, thus what did Segger add to make it non-free.

    From STLPort website it seems the supported compilers version are ancient a bit .. I didn't see which standard year it supports/complies with, does Segger's version support C++11 or later?

    Thanks for all SES licensing details that's helpful, understood now.
  • Hi,
    Does 'based' mean you have adopted/modified/improved that library?
    STLPort is not maintained anymore, last release is from 2008. Its standard is C++98.
    We added some features and compatibility changes for later C++ standards to the library in ES.
    Plan is to come up with a new C++ library with a current C++ standard, but there is no immediate schedule, yet.

    The compilers in ES support up to C++14 now.