How to force window to invalidate itself such that it jumps to WM_PAINT?

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  • How to force window to invalidate itself such that it jumps to WM_PAINT?

    Dear all

    How to force window to invalidate itself such that it jumps to WM_PAINT?

    I have been trying to invalidate windows such that a different button is displayed depending which window I find myself in.

    For example, I have a top window and a bottom window. Inside the top window there are child windows. If I select TopChild1 then different buttons should appear at the bottom window. I managed to get that to work only once. That is thanks to WM_GET_ID with which I communicate from the TopChild1 to Bottom window that it needs to invalidate itself and paint Buttons if the notification comes from TopChild1. However if I reopen TopChild1 and want to go through the same process again, nothing happens, i.e. WM_PAINT doesn't get triggered anymore.

    How best to InvalidateWindows such that WM_PAINT gets always triggered?


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  • Hi,

    I recommend to use WM_Invalidate(hWin) to mark windows as invalid. Next time a GUI_Exec() gets called (e.g. within GUI_Delay()) the invalid windows are getting drawn. But please do not call GUI_Exec right after a call WM_Invalidate() when inside a callback.

    The best way is to have a super loop which calls periodically GUI_Exec()/GUI_Delay(). These function are keeping the application 'alive'.

    Now if you want to redraw a window just mark it as invalid (WM_Invalidate()) and it gets redrawn within this super loop.

    Also it is possible ot call WM_Paint(), this will trigger a redrawing immediately. But I don't recommend this one either.

    I think that in your case it is not related to redrawing a specified area. If you have for each selected child window a different set of buttons in the bottom window, you should create/delete them depending on which window has been selected.

    Take a look into the example. I never call a function like WM_Invalidate() or WM_Paint() anything gets managed by the Window Manager while the application call GUI_Delay() (and therefore GUI_Exec()) within the super loop.