Alpha blending not work

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  • Alpha blending not work

    In the library STemWin540_CM4_IAR_ARGB.а alpha blending does not work. In the library STemWin540_CM4_IAR.A alpha blending works.
    Checked various options with functions: GUI_EnableAlpha(), GUI_SetAlpha(), GUI_SetUserAlpha().
    Is it a library or configuration problem?
  • Hi,

    I gave it a try with the 'Hello World' project offered by STM.

    I have changed the library to ARGB and set the define GUI_USE_ARGB to 1 (setting the define is quite important since it is used in some header files, too).
    Further I have moved the GUI memory into the external RAM at address 0xC0000000 to be able to allocate more memory (although, this is not required to run a Hello World application). Take care, at 0xC0200000 starts the framebuffer.

    After doing the steps above I tried the application below and it on my display appeared a Hello World with an overlay of 50% red.

    C Source Code

    1. #include "GUI.h"
    2. /*********************************************************************
    3. *
    4. * Public code
    5. *
    6. **********************************************************************
    7. */
    8. /*********************************************************************
    9. *
    10. * MainTask
    11. */
    12. void MainTask(void) {
    13. GUI_Clear();
    14. GUI_SetFont(&GUI_Font20_1);
    15. GUI_DispStringAt("Hello world!", (LCD_GetXSize()-100)/2, (LCD_GetYSize()-20)/2);
    16. GUI_EnableAlpha(1);
    17. GUI_SetColor(0x80FF0000);
    18. GUI_FillRect(0, 0, LCD_GetXSize() - 1, LCD_GetYSize() - 1);
    19. GUI_EnableAlpha(0);
    20. while(1);
    21. }
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  • I fixed it.
    Could not work for you, because problem in the driver.
    You need to fix the function DMA2D_MixColors()

    #if (GUI_USE_ARGB == 1)
    #define DMA2D_ALPHA_CMP_COLOR 0x00000000
    #define DMA2D_ALPHA_CMP_COLOR 0xFF000000

    static LCD_COLOR DMA2D_MixColors(LCD_COLOR Color, LCD_COLOR BkColor, U8 Intens)
    if((BkColor & 0xFF000000) == DMA2D_ALPHA_CMP_COLOR)
    return Color;

    uint32_t ColorFG = Color ^ DMA2D_ALPHA_CMP_COLOR;
    uint32_t ColorBG = BkColor ^ DMA2D_ALPHA_CMP_COLOR;


    return (ColorDst ^ DMA2D_ALPHA_CMP_COLOR);

    I think other functions using Alpha, also need to be fixed.

    Why is the function GUI_FillReсt() draws lines? At a resolution of 800 x 480, the test case draws a polygon for a very long time. In fact, there is DMA2D, but it does not fully use the library. This is very sad.