Custom RAMCodes for J-Flash

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  • Custom RAMCodes for J-Flash

    I have the at91sam9g20-ek board and I'm trying to download to the external Atmel DataFlash or the NAND Flash. Having browsed through the forum, I can see that J-Flash does not currently support these Flash chips, unless I use custom RAMCodes. So are there any instructions on how to write these RAMCodes? Or is there a better way to program these Flash memories? Thanks to anyone who can help.
  • Hi jrivero,

    There will be a RAMCode SDK in the future which comes with a template, how to write a custom RAMCode.
    This RAMCode SDK will be only available upon request.

    Nevertheless, we also plan to deliver custom RAMCodes for the SAM9G20 / SAM9G45 for NAND flash and DataFlash programming, in the near future.

    These custom RAMCodes can be used with J-Flash and Flasher ARM.

    Best regards
  • Is there a way to use the ELF files delivered by microcontroller producers for the KEIL uVision IDE?
    There ist a file S3FN41F.FLM for the Samsung S3FN41F that works for the deticated eval board using the J-Link /w SWD in combination.

    But I have no insight in how this flash code is actual used.

  • Alex,

    I intend to use the J-Link with an S3FN41F eval board.
    I had no success in downloading a binary to the flash using the GDBServer.
    Thus I went into using the KEIL IDE where I have a project from Samsung special to the eval board.
    Using Keil together with the Segger J-Link is no problem, just select the appropriate JTAG device and configure SWD ...
    The next thing was to download a special flash "driver" for the Samsung S3FN41F (a file named S3FN41F.FLM) which is a normal ELF file and seems to be loaded to the target RAM and work as a flash downloader.
    Using that approach I had no problem in flashing the device. But using the J-Link with gdb I had no success (maybe also in finding the right settings).

    So I was thinking that I maybe can use this special ELF file together with the GDBServer/J-Link to flash the device. Bu tprobably I wont be able to comunicate via the GDB and the RAM program inside the target

  • Hi Veikko,

    You need to add the following lines to the GDBInit file in order to enable flash download for the S3FN41F:

    Be careful: J-Link makes sure that the SWD protection bit in the smart option protection area is
    not cleared by the application image (which would enable SWD protection and makes debugger connection impossible)
    but all other smart option bits can be programmed.

    C Source Code

    1. monitor flash device=S3FN41F

    Best regards