[SOLVED] Expressions for watched data in ozone, cast pointer to array?

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  • [SOLVED] Expressions for watched data in ozone, cast pointer to array?

    When using Ozone, I commonly encounter situations where pointers to dynamic memory are used, but are picked up as just 1-element arrays by the Ozone debugger since there is no compile-time info available, so that only the [0] element can be dereferenced in the "Watched Data" windows.

    Is there support in Expressions used by Ozone support a way to look at the pointer as an arbitrary type, like casting (sort of) to a char[128] or similar?
  • Hello Andrew,

    This feature is not implemented in Ozone yet.
    But it is currently on the ToDo list and should be added in the next couple of releases so you will be able to cast the pointer type and size.

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