Custom background for dialog window

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  • Custom background for dialog window


    I am trying to create a dialog window with a rapidly updating background image and a couple of widgets. I would like the background to only update when a new background image is available (picture). I have implemented a function which does some image manipulations and copies the image directly to the working frame buffer. As a result, I need to overwrite the entire background of the dialog with the image and then have all of the widgets redrawn. Is there a way to do this with a dialog window such that the background is drawn only once and all of the widgets are updated?

    I have had mixed success before by creating a window widget which was a child of the dialog and bringing it to the back. Then drawing the child window when there was a new image available. This however, caused flicker as the widgets were not drawn immediately after the image was drawn. If sibling widgets are on top of the window widget in the back, and the window widget in the back is invalidated, does that cause the siblings to be invalidated as well?