[SOLVED] J-Flash command line switch -savedat fails to save data file.

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  • [SOLVED] J-Flash command line switch -savedat fails to save data file.

    Using J-Flash V6.20c (latest as of today). MCU is LPC1788 by NXP. Trying to generate both .cfg and .dat files from a .hex firmware file, using command line. Whereas the -savecfg switch works fine, the -savedat fails. Last line in the log file is "- ERROR: Failed to save data file". The same thing from the GUI works fine. Here is my command line:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGGER\JLink_V620c\JFlash.exe" -jflashlogTEST.log -openprjTEST.jflash -openTEST.hex -saveprj -savecfgTEST.cfg -savedatTEST.dat

    Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys!
  • Hi,

    thanks for pointing that out.
    This a bug in J-Flash.
    It will be fixed in the next version, planned for release this evening.

    Best regards,
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