STM32 with SSD1963

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  • STM32 with SSD1963


    i'm new and i try to understand the samples from emWin.
    But i understand not the connections between MCU and grafic controller.
    I found in the user manual the different possibility to connect the controller.

    In the case of the online sample i can't say which controller and which mode is used.

    My goal is to connect the SSD1963 controller to a STM32 board.

    For the SSD1963 i think the indirect interface is the correct one.
    33.2.2 Indirect interface - Parallel bus

    Maybe someone can get me a short tip.


  • Hi,

    The SSD1963 LCD controller is supported by the GUIDRV_FlexColor driver.

    It gets connected by an indirect interface.

    Attached is a sample configuration for the GUIDRV_FlexColor configured to be used for the SSD1963. This configuration uses bit banging but it should be quite easy to use a hardware interface like SPI.