[ABANDONED] Atmel SAM4 User Signature page programming via J-Link

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  • [ABANDONED] Atmel SAM4 User Signature page programming via J-Link

    I have an application that utilizes the User Signature page of the flash on a SAM4N device.
    I need to program that area during manufacturing with data that is unique to each unit, but the nature of that particular page seems to make writing it via the normal J-Link flash algorithms impossible.

    Has anyone here programmed that particular area via a J-Link script? (And would you be willing to share the script?)
    I'm thinking that I either have to code up some sort of small app that gets slammed into SRAM via the J-Link and then burns another SRAM data area to the signature page via ASF calls or I have to work up some sort of J-Link script to tweak the EFC registers by hand to do an erase and write cycle.

    It would be wonderful if someone else had already done this! :)

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