J-Link: Setting breakpoints affects program flow

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  • J-Link: Setting breakpoints affects program flow


    I'm using the J-Link Pro with e2studio and Renesas RZ/T1 CPU. If I set a breakpoint then the program flow is disturbed and the program on the target device triggers some errors. I'm using an ISR and additional Compare Match Timers. I suppose that the J-Link disables the interrupts in the CPU, when the breakpoint is set, but the Compare Match Timer is not stopped so that it is further incremented in the background. Can I somehow set the J-Link, so that not only the interrupts are disabled but also the compare match timer / the other timers used in my software?
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    does this occur when the breakpoint is set or when the application stops at the breakpoint?

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  • Hi,

    This occurs when the application is running and the breakpoint is set (even if the debugger doesn't stop at the breakpoint).
    It sometimes happens when the debug session is started (without any breakpoints). Without the debugger the program is running without any problems / errors.

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