[Ozone] Set Vector Table Base

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  • [Ozone] Set Vector Table Base

    I am giving Ozone a try after recently discovering it on Segger's site. I have been using IAR workbench and with my target I have to set the vector table base to 0x0 using the following command --drv_vector_table_base=0x0. How can I do this in Ozone?

  • Hello Darren,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    I am glad to hear that you are giving Ozone a shot and i hope that you are enjoying your experience so far.

    Usually you should not need such a workaround with Ozone so it should run problem free out of the box.
    If it somehow does not work you can edit your Ozone project file with the .jdebug and comment in either the function "TargetReset" or "AfterTargetDownload".
    Here you simply need to edit the value of VectorTableAddr to a fixed value you want the Vectortableaddress to be at.
    In this case 0x00000000.

    Best regards,
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