Cortex M3, PSP visible?

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  • Cortex M3, PSP visible?

    Hi there,

    It seems to me that J-Link always sees the MSP (main stack pointer), regardless of the actual mode the Cortex is in. Is the PSP (process stack pointer) visible to J-Link? Are these actually two different registers seen from the JTAG perspective? In the programmer's model, just one of them is visible as R13 at a time, dependent of the actual status.

    BTW - there are a few registers listed in the J-Link control panel, (CONTROL, for example, which sets the mentioned mode), but no values are shown. Is this a malfunction or just work to be done in upcoming releases?

    Best regards



    oops, it's late at night... msp and psp acually ARE shown! GDB just sees "SP" and shows R13 - but I think, it shows the MSP regardless of the actual status.

    But as long as I can check the PSP value in the control panel, I'm happy.

    But there is still the question about the "blank" registers in the panel - and one more: Does someone have an idea, how GDB can be taught about these additional registers? Where does GDB get the information about the processor's register set? (ok, this is not J-Link related anymore...)

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