Ozone, display peripheral registers in a readable way

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  • Ozone, display peripheral registers in a readable way


    to display the registers ofnperipherals I use the memory view, which is not very readable.

    Are there plans to add a description file that describes how the memory maps to readable peripheral registers (like PER files in Lauterbach)?

    Or am I missing something and this already exists somehow?

    Best regards,
  • Hello Torsten,

    Sorry for the delay in response.

    Ozone already supports this feature in the "Registers" window.

    To make peripheral registers available you will need to link your target devices .svd file to your Ozone project.
    This files usually do not ship with ozone and need to requested manually from the silicon vendor by the user.
    We do ship some "default coretype" peripheral register .svd files which are located at $(InstallDir)/Config/Peripherals

    More information on how to implement the files can be found in the Ozone User Manual in chapter 4.12 Register Window.
    To open the user manual simply press F1 while Ozone is running.

    Best regards,
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