[ABANDONED] J-Link Edu Mini and nRF52832

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  • [ABANDONED] J-Link Edu Mini and nRF52832


    I'm new to all this 'arm' stuff so for starters i got a jlink edu mini and nrf52382 breakout board. When i try to connect to it via jtag or swd it gives me a voltage error. So sould i connect the mcu(nrf52832) to a power source before connecting the j link ?Or like is my board is broken ?
  • Hi,

    Welcome to the ARM stuff :)

    nrf52382 breakout board

    Could you post me a link to the board?
    What debug header is mounted on the board? (Cortex-M 19 pin? Cortex-M 9 pin?).
    Or are you using single wires?

    To MCU needs to be powered, otherwise J-Link (or any other debug probe for that matter) will not be able to connect.
    If you have voltage meter at hand, I would recommend to measure the pins of the debug interface in order to make sure that the MCU is powered and that the debug interface is not disconnected by a jumper or there like.

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