embos with IAR V5.11

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  • embos with IAR V5.11

    I was recently buy a version of your embOS product. Associated with IAR V4.42A allways is fine. But now I make the migration from IAR V4.42 to IAR V5.11 and I have a question about the Segger binaries library V3.40C ; is it possible to use it with the new version of IAR ? If yes, how ?

    Thanks for your answer

  • Hi,

    the embOS libraries for the former IAR compiler versions 4.4x are not compatible to the binary format required for the new IAR compiler V5.1x.
    Registered customer which are still in their support period received an update of embOS which contained libraries for the V4.4x compiler as well as for the V5.1x compiler.
    If you did not get an update, it is most likely that your support period expired.
    If you have to use the new IAR compiler, you may ask for a new embOS support license by sending via email which contains your registration details.