[Suggestion] Easy way to trace function call in Timeline

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  • [Suggestion] Easy way to trace function call in Timeline


    For ISRs, we can use SEGGER_SYSVIEW_RecordEnterISR() combine with SEGGER_SYSVIEW_SendSysDesc("I#15=xxxxxxx"); to trace them easily.

    But for function calls, in order to display them correctly, we need to write a description file, which is not always practical.

    So what I done is hacked the ISR record function:

    Source Code

    1. void SEGGER_SYSVIEW_RecordEnterFunc(U8 ID) { unsigned v; U8* pPayload; U8* pPayloadStart; RECORD_START(SEGGER_SYSVIEW_INFO_SIZE + SEGGER_SYSVIEW_QUANTA_U32); // pPayload = pPayloadStart; ENCODE_U32(pPayload, ID); _SendPacket(pPayloadStart, pPayload, SYSVIEW_EVTID_ISR_ENTER); RECORD_END();}

    I know it's not a good idea to modify sources files of SystemView directly, could you provide a easy way to record function call like this ?