Respberry Pi

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  • Hi,

    Yes, this shouldn't be a problem but for now we don't offer such a version. There are several ways you could achieve this. The driver required is GUIDRV_Lin to manage the framebuffer. If you have direct access to the framebuffer of the raspberry you can use emWin to manage its content. Unfortunately this way it wouldn't be the same as the simulation.

    Another way might be to allocate a memory as frambuffer where emWin draws to. This memory can than be used to create an image in a format which can be used by another GUI application (like BMP, PNG). A timer can call GUI_Exec() and updates the framebuffer. Each time GUI_Exec() returns with 1 you would need to redraw the image in the GUI application.

    Unfortunately, you would need to compile emWin for the Raspberry Pi. Right now we don't offer compiled libraries for the Pi. In this case you would have to purchase emWin to get access to the source code.