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  • [ABANDONED] RTT Problems

    I'm using RTT to print out a heartbeat from time to time (several seconds!) after a number of printouts I get a memory exception at the first call to "memcpy" in the function below.

    static void _WriteNoCheck(SEGGER_RTT_BUFFER_UP* pRing, const char* pData, unsigned NumBytes) {
    unsigned NumBytesAtOnce;
    unsigned WrOff;
    unsigned Rem;

    WrOff = pRing->WrOff;
    Rem = pRing->SizeOfBuffer - WrOff;
    if (Rem > NumBytes) {
    // All data fits before wrap around
    memcpy(pRing->pBuffer + WrOff, pData, NumBytes);
    pRing->WrOff = WrOff + NumBytes;
    } else {
    // We reach the end of the buffer, so need to wrap around
    NumBytesAtOnce = Rem;
    memcpy(pRing->pBuffer + WrOff, pData, NumBytesAtOnce);
    NumBytesAtOnce = NumBytes - Rem;
    memcpy(pRing->pBuffer, pData + Rem, NumBytesAtOnce);
    pRing->WrOff = NumBytesAtOnce;

    Any idea what the reason could be?
  • Hi,

    sorry for the delay in response.
    As you are still in your active support period, could you please open a ticket via mail?

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