[ABANDONED] File I/O from the Target to Host(PC)

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  • [ABANDONED] File I/O from the Target to Host(PC)

    Can any one help me on this issue?

    Issue: as subjected.

    Target : MCIMX6S5
    GDB Server
    IDE: Atollic True studio Free version

    Here is the code which am currently working on :

    int main(void){

    FILE *fp;

    fp =fopen ("C:\\temp\\File.txt", "w+");

    if (fp!=NULL){

    fputs("SampleText file created",fp);



    I discussed with out India support team, They said we have to use Semihosting. I tried understanding,
    Tried these methods:
    In the GDB script(Script present in Atollic True Studio RUN--> Debug Configurations...inside the tab "EmbeddedC/C++ Application" - Under "Startup Scripts") I used the following commands but NO use:

    monitor semihosting enable
    monitor semihosting IOclient 3

    With this also am unable to get the file out.
    When I debug file pointer fp is coming as NULL.

    Please Help me to resolve this issue ?( . Thanks in advance.
  • Hi,

    could you please open J-Link Commander and provide us with a screenshot from the output?
    J-Link Commander is part of the J-Link software package, which is available free of charge here .

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