System View - J-Link Library not found

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  • System View - J-Link Library not found

    I'm trying to get the System View running.

    My setup: I'm using System View V2.42 and J-Link Software V6.14b.

    When starting the continues record get an error message: "Failed to start recording. J-Link Library not found. Make sure the J-Link Software is installed."

    The J-Link software is allready installed. I tried if reinstalling solves the problem. No success. The FAQ has not answer for this issue.

    Has anybody an idea?
  • I figured out that the System View program has to be started with administration rights. With admin right the SEGGER libraries are found. Is there a trick how the System View Tool could be run with normal rights?
  • Hi,

    SystemView loads the most recent J-Link Software.
    If you have a restricted account and installed the J-Link Software with administrator credentials,
    it can happen, that the registry path to the J-Link software is not added to your users HKEY.

    The easiest solution is to copy the J-Link DLL into the SystemView installation directory.
    For more information, have a look at

    Best regards