Bad Jtag communic. with new AT91SO boards

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  • Bad Jtag communic. with new AT91SO boards

    we have two Atmel AT91-Eval-Boards "SPCI M94V0 07-43"

    Using Segger Jlink GDB Server V3.79g we get the error message as soon as the target power is applied:

    Resetting target and trying again to connect...

    ERROR: Bad JTAG communication: Write to IR: Expected 0x1, got 0x7 (TAP Command : 2) @ Off 0x5.

    The setup works fine with the earlier Atmel board revision "SPCI M94V0 07-29". I would suspect that there is a problem with the atmel board, but I'm not sure

    Thanks for your attention

    Klaus Hoffmann
  • Klaus,

    Sounds like a speed problem.
    As the AT91SO100 is an ARM7-TDMI-S, you can use adaptive speed.
    Could you please do the following:
    • Start J-Link commander and type in:

    Source Code

    1. speed a
    2. rx 0

    If this works, change your gdbinit file to use adaptive speed by changing or adding the following line:

    Source Code

    1. monitor speed adaptive

    Let me know if this solves your problem.