STemwin with STM32F429

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  • Hi Fabrice,

    When using the STemWin library you might want to use the Hello World example project which come with the STM32Cubef4 package. Thi is a good starting point and everything should be configured already. Of course this will only fit for one of the standard eval boards.

    But in general you need to to the following steps.

    1. Give emWin some memory.
    Open GUIConf.c and configure GUI_NUM_BYTES. This is used to allocate memory for emWin. How much you need depends pretty much on the application.
    If it is simple 150 - 500 KB should be enough. If it is getting more complex and you want to use memory devices you should spend emWin some more memory (maybe 2MB).

    2. Set up your LCDConf.c
    There are two major parts. First initialize the driver. This is done in LCD_X_Config(). Set the display size and the address of the frame buffer.
    Next step is to initialize the LCD controller. Do this in the driver callback LCD_X_DisplayDriver() when reacting on LCD_X_INITCONTROLLER. Here you have to set up the LCD controller and the GPIOs where the display is connected to.

    After these steps you should be able to see something on the LCD already (like a "hello world"). If you want to use the Chrome Art Accelerator further steps are required. But in this case I would simply copy paste the functions from the example config file.

    Attached is a config file which come with our emWin shipment. There are no external dependencies. Here it should be sufficient to adapt the GPIO init and the addresses of the frame buffer.


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