Expected performance results

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  • Expected performance results


    It would be helpful if you provide following details to us :

    1) What are the expected results of BASIC_DriverPerformance.c ?

    2) BASIC_Performance.c should give minimum loops value > 11000 loops. Is this our understanding correct ?

    3) Do these both benchmark results change with respect to LCD sizes ?
  • Hi,

    This depends pretty much on the hardware you are using. Here are some values from a STM32F4:
    Fill: 065.315 MPixel\s Fill
    F6x8: 002.490 MPixel\s F6x8
    FBig: 003.800 MPixel\s FComic18
    1bpp: 005.897 MPixel\s Bitmap 1bpp
    2bpp: 003.565 MPixel\s Bitmap 2bpp
    4bpp: 003.220 MPixel\s Bitmap 4bpp
    8bpp: 013.963 MPixel\s Bitmap 8bpp
    XDDP: 015.235 MPixel\s 8/16bppDDP

    This depends on the hardware, too. This test doesn't show the performance regarding the GUI. it is more an overview about how fast your device can calculate prime numbers and relies much on the CPU frequency. The original test come from our embOS department. Here some test values:

    STM32F4x - 168.0MHZ, IAR EWARM V6.23C, Flash => 11108 Loops/sec => 66.1 Loops/sec/MHz
    ATSAMA5D33 - 498.0MHz, IAR EWARM V6.50.5 => 57698 Loops/sec => 115.9 Loops/sec/MHz
    LPC1766 - 72.0MHz, IAR EWARM V5.41, Flash => 3929 Loops/sec => 54.6 Loops/sec/MHz

    Only the first test when performing the filling test.