ILI9341 SPI Harmony

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  • ILI9341 SPI Harmony

    hello, I'm new with emWin MPLAB and harmony and I can not use the display with ILI9341 driver. the module uses 4-wire communication with spi and I provide a PIC32MZ2048EFH064 and Harmony 2.01.
    I would like someone to explain to me in a very simple and possibly for a basic how to use it. (Flex_color?)
    I am a beginner and I read very carefully the pdf file but I only did so much confusion and I found this very difficult system to use. thank you
  • Hi,

    The GUIDRV_FlexColor is the proper choice.

    Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the Harmony package. But attached you will find sample LCDConf.c to be used with the ILI9341. it might be necessary to adapt some of the functions used to write and read data, but it should work quite well as an example.


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  • hi, I have difficulty to understand how to use ili9341 with GUIDRV_FlexColor method using spi ....
    I am losing many hours to figure out how to do but 'without success.
    I need someone to explain to me step by step how to use this system
    if I try to adapt existing files I only do damage
    thank you ?(
  • Hi

    you just need to implement the base functions that LCDConf uses (like mentioned below) in terms of SPI read/write routines - the sample provided by Sven uses 16 bit parallel bus - in Harmony you can use SPI instance to communicate with your LCD board.

    PortAPI.pfWrite16_A0 = LCD_X_8080_16_Write00;
    PortAPI.pfWrite16_A1 = LCD_X_8080_16_Write01;
    PortAPI.pfWriteM16_A0 = LCD_X_8080_16_WriteM00;
    PortAPI.pfWriteM16_A1 = LCD_X_8080_16_WriteM01;
    PortAPI.pfRead16_A0 = LCD_X_8080_16_Read00;
    PortAPI.pfRead16_A1 = LCD_X_8080_16_Read01;
    PortAPI.pfReadM16_A0 = LCD_X_8080_16_ReadM00;
    PortAPI.pfReadM16_A1 = LCD_X_8080_16_ReadM01;

    Hope that helps:)