Video streaming

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  • Video streaming

    We have video data in pixel format. With direct LCD drawing we are able to show it on LCD. How EmWin can be used to show this video data with Faster speeds and less memory consumption ? I understand that i can use GUI_MEMDEV_GetDataPtr() to get the pointer of memory device and then use GUI_MEMDEV_CopyToLCD() to show it on LCD. Is there any better way to do this?
    Can you please share any example to stream video data which is in pixel form ? We are currently evaluating EmWin for our application so need these details.
  • Hi,

    In general emWin doesn't support video streaming.

    If your hardware is capable of multiple layers I recommend to use one layer for the video output and one for emWin. This way you could have for example the lowest layer for the video stream and on top of this another layer for emWin to draw something above the video.

    Of course can also draw the single images of the video into a memory device, do some additional drawings with emWin.

    Unfortunately there is no example code for this use case.