embOS Simulator Stimuli

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  • embOS Simulator Stimuli


    I have some questions about the embOS Simulator. I read the manual of the embOS Simulator and can't find any information about providing external feed for a simulated application.

    I understand that the simulator provides a window which shows the simulated device. Therefore some functions inside the simulated application are required, like the function "BSP_GetLEDState".
    So I need to change my source code to adapt it for the simulator?
    Does the Simulator provide an interface to exchange data with the simulated device?
    Like the simulated device sets a GPIO-output which could be logged to a file?
    How to set a GPIO-input to simulate an external trigger event?
    Is it possible in any way to read or change the content of a device register without the need to alter the simulated source code to provide explicit functions for the simulator?

    The device I use is a STM32.
  • HI Benjamin,

    the embOS Simulation simulates 100% the embOS API and can be adapted to your requirements.
    It is possible to use the complete Windows API inside the simulation, thus you can easily communicate with other applications or hardware.

    I am not sure if I understood the last question correctly but I guess it's about using the same application in simulation and target hardware?
    Please be aware only the embOS API is simulated but not e.g. the STM32 peripherals.
    Anyhow we can help you to setup a perfect simulation.

    If you like you can contact us directly and we'll setup conference call and discuss everything in detail.
    I will send you a separate email with our contact details.

    Best regards,