MMC_SPI - Reads but won't write

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  • MMC_SPI - Reads but won't write

    This problem really has me stumped.

    I'm using emFile to interface a NAND flash and SD card on my own hardware. The NAND works perfectly, no issues.

    The SPI MMC/SD is another issue. If my application allowed, I could probably stream a MP3 off of the SD card, but I can't seem to write to it. Yes, I have checked that the card is not write-protected.

    This is what emFile is reporting:
    FS error: MMC_SPI: _WriteSectors: Data not accepted.
    FS error: MMC_SPI: _WriteSectors: Data not accepted.
    FS error: MMC_SPI: _WriteSectors: Command not accepted.
    FS error: MMC_SPI: _WriteSectors: Command not accepted.
    FS error: LOGBLOCK: Failed to write sector(s): 0x000080FD-0x000080FD to "mmc:0:".

    After this, the card is not accessible. For example, I can't do a directory listing. I have to remove the card, and re-insert it into the holder to gain access again.

    These errors were obtained when I ran the sample code that just writes a simple text file. The file creation is successful, but the file is empty.

    Some board specifics:
    STM32F303VE processor running at 72Mhz.
    (SPI3) SPI clock rate is 281khz as measured with a scope.
    emFile version V4.04a

    I have tried a couple different cards. Both had a FAT file system and when that didn't work, I formatted one of them to a FAT32 file system (didn't fix anything).

    Any direction would be helpful. I'm not sure where to look.

  • Hello Dave,

    We are not aware of this behavior.

    The error messages suggest that the SPI data transfer is not working properly.
    I suggest you to check first if the SPI controller is correctly configured:
    - Data is sampled on the rising edge of the clock signal.
    - The clock signal is HIGH in idle state.
    You can find more information in the section " (*pfWrite)()" of the emFile manual.

    Best regards,
  • [SOLVED] but I can't explain it... very well.

    The code I used to send multi bytes of data to the MMC/SD card:

    Source Code

    1. /* Check flags to make sure SPI is idle */
    3. do {
    4. /* Send byte of data */
    5. SPI_SendData8(SD_CARD_SPI, *pData++);
    6. /* Wait for SPI complete send */
    8. /* Read data register */
    9. (void)SPI_CARD_SPI->DR;
    10. } while (--NumBytes);
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    Looks reasonable, right? Except, remember that the data register is a 16-bits in the STM32F303 (and others).

    When I change the code to this:

    Source Code

    1. /* Read data register */
    2. SPI_ReceiveData8(SD_CARD_SPI);

    Everything works great. The call to function only reads 8-bits from the register and not 16 like I originally had. Again, it works but I can't really explain why reading the "throw away" data differently makes it work.

    Credit given to Tilen Majerle for his SPI code that I adapted.

    Thanks for the response. You were right... it was in the pfWrite code, but not how I imagined it would be.