[ABANDONED] RTT recommended procedure in bootloader use case

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  • [ABANDONED] RTT recommended procedure in bootloader use case


    I have following use case:
    - Bootloader is started with RTT support (RTT data is stored in separate RAM section, RAM section is cleared at startup)
    - After some time bootloader starts application program with RTT and SystemView support (RTT data is in the same RAM section as in bootloader mode, RAM section is again cleared on application startup).

    If I start my device (Power On) I can only see my Application program messages, my bootloader messages are not visible. If I do a startup via debugger I can see all messages (bootloader and application program). Is there a recommended procedure in such a case? The RTT RAM section start address is set on RTT dialog.

    Thank you for your help.
  • ~dde

    Without knowing which development IDE you are using, it's hard to give specific help. Here is a general thought...

    Is it possible to edit your linker configuration file and tell the linker that the memory range of your RTT RAM section is a "do not initialize" section?

    In IAR, this would entail editing the processor's .icf file and creating a memory section for just RTT usage.

    Hope this helps, and maybe sparks some ideas on how to preserve the RTT data.