Possible bugs

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  • Possible bugs

    I am using 2.40e (and also tried 2.41a beta) with FreeRTOS under Linux (Centos 7) in load data from a .bin file mode.

    My Event log shows:
    xQueueGenericSend xQueue=0x00000000 ...

    The description file has %I which from the documentation says should be replaced with a 'named resource' if available. I believe the bug is that since it is not available, it should be printing the resourceId in hex, but not 0.
    I verified the data in the file contains a non-zero value.

    If I highlight the xQueueGenericSend in the event list and press Shift-N to goto the next event of the same type, the program hangs and CPU usages goes to 100%. Occasionally it might work, but normally it hangs.

    EDIT: Just tried 2.4.2 and same hang.

    Also, it would be nice if the File -> Load (at least during the same session) remembered the last directory of the previously loaded file. Every time I load a new file, the file chooser resets back to the directory systemview was run from and I need to renavigate.

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  • Another bug:

    traceQUEUE_SEND_FROM_ISR and traceQUEUE_SEND_FROM_ISR_FAILED use SEGGER_SYSVIEW_RecordU32x2, but the description format string expects 4 items:

    96 xQueueGenericSendFromISR xQueue=%I pvItemToQueue=%p pxHigherPriorityTaskWoken=%u xCopyPosition=%u

    EDIT: Also note that it appears all the macros in SEGGER_SYSVIEW_FreeRTOS.h that pass (U32)pxHigherPriorityTaskWoken are not really correct. It seems in all cases pxHigherPriorityTaskWoken is actually a pointer passed into the routine so it is not useful.I guess it should be deferenced.

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