no definition for "OS_ConvertCycles2us" when calling OS_STAT_GetLoad

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  • no definition for "OS_ConvertCycles2us" when calling OS_STAT_GetLoad


    I am using emBOS version 3.82u on STM32F4 processor board which support OS_STAT_GetLoad API,

    in my application i want to calculate the current task CPU Load, but if i compile my Code it throws compilation error:
    Error[Li005]: no definition for "OS_ConvertCycles2us" [referenced from OSSTATGL.o(os7m_tl__dp.a)]

    Please suggest

    Best regards,
    Ankit Kumar
  • Hello,

    OS_ConvertCycles2us() is part of the RTOSinit.c
    All our shipped RTOSInit.c include this function.

    Please contact us via our support email address with your embOS license number and which board support package or exact device/evalboard you are using.
    We will send you then everything you will need.

    Best regards,