No installers (=> 310e) work in Linux

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    • No installers (=> 310e) work in Linux

      I'm using Arch Linux, with kernel `4.9.7` on a 64-bit laptop. Using a window manager with no desktop environment.

      I'm trying to install `Segger Embedded Studio 310i` ( I get the same behaviour from the 32-bit installer as for the 64-bit one. I also tried versions 310 e, g, h and i for 64-bit and e and i for 32-bit - all with the exact same behaviour.

      Running `sudo ./install_segger_embedded_studio`, it first opens a window showing a progress bar. When that is done, it opens another blank window with no content. It will stay that way indefinitely until I close the window. Then it will create another window on top (as if saying "are you sure you want to quit?"), and when I quit that one, the program ends.


      I have not been able to find an alternative way to install the program (hoping to find a way that doesn't require the GUI installation program). It does not seem to exist in the official package repository of Arch Linux, nor in the Arch User Repository.
    • Hi, thanks for the reply.

      I found a temporary solution. I had an old VM with Ubuntu 32-bit Linux (pretty old version I think). I could install 310i 32-bit version in there and move all the files to my laptop. Segger Embedded Studio works fine there. So it's not an issue with absence of desktop environment.

      Thus, it seems like the problem is that all the installers don't work on newer Linux installs (so it breaks with newer versions of some lib/package). Which is honestly kind of ridiculous seeing as there really is no alternative way to install it (or rather, extract the files)... The unconventional installer is probably also part of the reason that I cannot find the program as a package in the official or user repos of Arch Linux. Makes automation hard, when literally all you want to do is extract some files.

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