SEGGER_SYSVIEW_RecordEnterISR() crashing program in SysTick ISR

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  • SEGGER_SYSVIEW_RecordEnterISR() crashing program in SysTick ISR


    Im facing strange issue with SEGGER_SYSVIEW_RecordEnterISR().

    Function works correctly in PendSV_Handler() and also in SVC_Handler() but crashes my software when called in SysTick_Handler() - HardFault when switching to first task context. Any ideas / similar problems? Maybe something with configuration files (priorities etc.)

    Im working on STM32F7 and uVision 5 (custom RTOS project) + j-link EDU.


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  • Hi,

    Does it crash on each call in the SysTick Handler?
    Might it be possible that you do not have enough system stack?
    As described in the documentation, incoming packets can be handled when creating events,
    which may require more stack to be available at any time a SystemView event could be generated.

  • Hello,

    Thx for the reply. Unfortunately its crashing only in SysTick Handler (not on the reporting function, but its somehow changing switching procedure and after calling asm BX 0xFFFFFFFD program switches to HardFault Hanlder instead of first task context). My SysTick Handler is calling PendSV interrupt (which has higher priority), and capturing it with RecordEnterISR() cause no error so I assume that its not related with stack (both SysTick and PendSV share MSP while in Handler mode).