<Widget>_SetBkColor with GUI_TRANSPARENT

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  • <Widget>_SetBkColor with GUI_TRANSPARENT

    Hello All.

    I have a question with the color: GUI_TRANSPARENT.
    Is it possible to set a <Widget>_SetBkColor to the color GUI_TRANSPARENT ?

    Here is my code:

    WINDOW_SetBkColor(pMsg->hWin, GUI_YELLOW);

    So I believed that my listbox color will be Yellow, unfortunately, it is BLACK.
    So you will say, put all your properties to GUI_YELLOW for this widget, but is not so simple, in fact my background will be an image, that’s why I want my list box to be transparent to be in line with the background .
  • I found this subject in the forum :
    [SOLVED] How to make list box with transparent spacing & background color?

    It is similar to my use case, so I have changed a litlle bit the _OwnerDraw Cb.
    It works, but I have a black border around my listbox (file screen.png)
    I don't knwo why ?

    In attached, you will see my maintask.c

    • screen.png

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    • mainTask.txt

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