Ozone: Why is File.Open() so slow?

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  • Ozone: Why is File.Open() so slow?


    I have a large .elf (.text ~3.5M, .data ~70k) built from ~770 source files with gcc toolchain. File.Open() succeeds and Ozone works well thereafter. But File.Open() is slow (e.g. "File.Open: completed in 62670 ms".) Are there any Ozone (or gcc compile) options that could be enabled/disabled to speed it up? Being slow really puts a damper on the build/load/debug cycle.

    Best Regards,
  • Hi Johannes,

    Using Ozone v2.22l on Windows 7. Unfortunately, .elf and sources may not be shared.

    I noticed Ozone's 'Functions', 'Global Data', and 'Source Files' views are populated on File.Open(). This is an incredible amount of data. Especially, 'Global Data' where thousands of variables, arrays and arrays of structures are parsed and readied. It's massive. Most of this information is not useful.

    Could creating these views be causing the delay?
    Windows Task Manager reports '2,433,248 K' for Ozone's memory usage. That's 2.32G, yikes!

    I tried:
    void OnProjectLoad (void) {

    Window.Close ("Functions");

    Window.Close ("Global Data");

    Window.Close ("Source Files");

    But no joy.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Doug,

    Yes, if your application really contains that many functions and global variables, this may cause ha long load time.
    The application is parsed on open, no matter if the information windows are visible or not, since most of the information is required for debugging.

    We might further improve the load time in the future.
    Currently there is unfortunately no way to speed it up.

    Best regards,