[SOLVED] J-Trace/Link cannot connect anymore to STM32H743

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  • [SOLVED] J-Trace/Link cannot connect anymore to STM32H743

    Hello all,

    the connection was possible a few times, then it got stuck. Keil: Target Options Options > Debug > Settings does not reveal a JTAG device anymore - even though ST-Link V2 does. The same hardware with different µC chip F767 works fine.
    I pasted the error message below.

    -- Marcus

    Popup: No Cortex-M Device found in JTAG chain. ...

    Load "D:\\Software\\Gamma\\Delta-S\\MDK-ARM\\Gamma-S Configuration\\out.axf"
    * JLink Info: Device "STM32H743II" selected.
    Set JLink Project File to "D:\Software\Gamma\Delta-S\MDK-ARM\JLinkSettings.ini"
    * JLink Info: Device "STM32H743II" selected.

    JLink info:
    DLL: V6.13c, compiled Jan 13 2017 16:37:43
    Firmware: J-Trace Cortex-M Rev.3 compiled Dec 15 2016 14:46:47
    Hardware: V3.10
    S/N : 203200722
    Feature(s) : RDI, FlashBP, FlashDL, JFlash, GDB

    Error: Flash Download failed - Target DLL has been cancelled
  • Hi Marcus,

    could you please give it a try in J-Link Commander?

    • Start J-Link Commander (jlink.exe)
    • Type "connect" in order to start a debug session
    • Type in the target device name if asked (Or type "?" for a target selection Dialog)
    • Choose the correct target interface (JTAG/SWD/etc..)
    • Use a valid speed (Default: 4000kHz, try 100-500 if default does not work)
    • [JTAG only]JTAG conf can be default(most of the times)
    • You should now be successfully connected.
    If anything fails, could you please post a screenshot of the complete session?

    Best regards,
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