Segger SystemView integration into ARM Keil uVision (5)

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  • Segger SystemView integration into ARM Keil uVision (5)

    Hello Segger Team

    The debugging SAVE function of ARM Keil uVision (5) can only store Intel HEX format. The Segger SystemView can only read binary or SVDat format.
    (At least I did not find another solution)

    It would be nice if SystemView could also handle Intel Hex file format or other formats than SVDat /binary.

    Here how I did Segger SystemView integration into ARM Keil uVision (5).

    • Write a function using the uVision debugger scripting:

    C Source Code

    1. FUNC void SaveSeggerSystemViewData(void) {
    2. printf("Saving Segger SystemView data in SeggerSystemViewData.hex!\n") ;
    3. exec("SAVE \"SeggerSystemViewData.hex\" (uint32_t)_SEGGER_RTT.aUp[0].pBuffer , ((uint32_t)_SEGGER_RTT.aUp[1].pBuffer + _SEGGER_RTT.aUp[1].SizeOfBuffer)");
    4. }
    5. DEFINE BUTTON "Save Segger SystemView Data", "SaveSeggerSystemViewData()"

    • Download the srecord tool from
    • Intergrate srecord to convert the Intel Hex to a binary file:

      [quote] Command: ../tools/srecord/srec_cat.exe
      Arguments: SeggerSystemViewData.hex -intel -offset - -minimum-addr SeggerSystemViewData.hex -intel -o SeggerSystemViewData.bin -binary[/quote] A more generic way for converting any hex file which is part of the project:
      [quote] Command: ../tools/srecord/srec_cat.exe
      Arguments: %F -intel -offset - -minimum-addr %F -intel -o @F.bin -binary [/quote]
    I hope this will be helpful to other and if someone finds a way how to do it in one step using avoiding to first save the file as intel hex using the debugger tool button and then convert it with the external tool, I would appreciate a post here.

    Kind Regards


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  • Dear Roman,

    You indeed did a very good job in converting the hex file to bin and than watching the record in the SystemView.

    Roman I followed the same steps as per your suggestions but not able to get any picture into my systemview, So can you please help me a little bit in this regard, that how you succeeded in getting the SystemView to work out.

    Thanks and regards

    Piyush Pandey
  • Systemview with Keil uVision 5 & ULINK2 (increasing size,placing in ext ram)


    I'm able to use system view as you described.
    But i can only be able to assign 8kb of buffer.
    If i increases buffer size it is not working while i've 30kb of free ram[assigning buffer in int sram].
    While assigning it in ext sdram nothing is visible in systemview.

    Is there anybody who have the same problem and solved it?

    Thank You,
    Jigar Patel