Ozone - Project.SetJLinkScript doesn't seem to work

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  • Ozone - Project.SetJLinkScript doesn't seem to work

    Hi, I've got an Embedded Artists iMX6.SoloX board + carrier and I can debug the M4 core using Ozone when I have the iMX6 SoloX M4 JLinkScript set as the Default.JLinkScript in the Ozone directory but if I remove it and try to use the Project.SetJLinkScript with the iMX6 SoloX M4 core JLinkScript passed it doesn't work. Ozone seems to be ignoring the setting and using the generic M4 core script which doesn't work with my board. Was wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior or if I'm maybe doing something wrong? Thanks!
  • Yes I do. My OnProjectLoad function is as follows:

    C Source Code

    1. void OnProjectLoad (void) {
    2. Project.SetJLinkScript("M4.JLinkScript");
    3. Project.SetDevice ("Cortex-M4");
    4. Project.SetHostIF ("USB", "");
    5. Project.SetTargetIF ("JTAG");
    6. Project.SetTIFSpeed ("1 MHz");
    7. Project.AddSvdFile ("Cortex-M4F.svd");
    8. File.Open ("C:/Users/profa/Documents/SEGGER Embedded Studio Projects/imx6_projects/imx6-freertos-ses/Output/Debug/Exe/imx6-freertos-ses.elf");
    9. }

    I do have M4.JLinkScript in the directory with the jdebug project file for Ozone and it looks like it loads OK; I don't get any file not found errors or other errors. It's the same file that I downloaded from the Wiki for setting up the M4 core of the iMX6 SoloX.

    I've also tried executing the SetJLinkScript function from the console window prior to attempting to download within Ozone.