EmbOS for V850ES

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  • EmbOS for V850ES

    Hi all.

    We have be assigned the maintenance of a rather old project based on NEC V850es1 with partial sources.
    We'd like to stick to EmbOS but using latest IAR (v4.20) the actual code v3.86 won't work because it was compiled with an older toolchain.
    Any chances to have it updated so we can evaluate it?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Dear majk,

    Thanks for your inquiry. It's correct that IAR has performed changes to the runtime model with more recent versions of the IAR workbench for V850, and that we have not yet updated our embOS port to reflect those changes. However, we can of course perform an according update to our software within short time. Could you please contact us directly via Email to discuss further details?

    Best regards,